All Else Fails Pilsner 440ml Can

All Else Fails Pilsner 440ml Can

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4.8% Unfiltered Pilsner- Collaboration with KCBC

Packaged 09.01.19

When KCBC told us they were in town for the Brewers’ Congress we jumped at the chance to invite them in for a collaboration brew. King’s County Brewers Collective from Brooklyn have been over to London a few times in recent months but we never quite managed to fit a brew in with them. This time we were determined to make it happen.

The timing of the visit, at the end of November, allowed us to give the beer some extra tank time and the opportunity to try something our brewer Craig has been wanting to do for a while, make a lager! We know that KCBC have made some great lagers so it seemed like an opportunity to get an insight from them.

All Else Fails is a pilsner style lager, given a full six weeks in the fermentor to round it out to a clean, crisp and delicious beer. We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Label photograph by our very own Sienna O'Rourke shot on 50mm film from the Brooklyn Bridge looking back towards NYC.